Importance of Selecting Good Web Hosting

Web hosting is generally an afterthought for most small business websites but that is a big mistake. There are several good reasons why you should make sure to select the right web hosting for your needs.  This doesn’t need to be the most expensive web hosting either.

When you build your website, it is important to think of the amount of visitors the website is likely to get each day. If you have a local company involved in a trade such as plumbing or electric, you are not very likely to get 100s of website visitors every day.

On the other hand, if you have a big retail store with over 100,000 products to shop from and have 100s of shoppers on your site daily, then you would need a slightly more robust hosting account.

Not only do you need a good performing server if your website is going to load for every website visitor, you also need to make sure the load speed is really good.  Nothing will cost you business faster than a slow loading website where people get impatience and click off and then go look at the next website.

If someone is looking for a painter in the Cincinnati area, and your website loads really slow, they are just going to click on the next website in the search results.  This is why it is really imperative to make sure your hosting account is very fast.

If you are hosting a wordpress website, it is extremely advisable to make sure you check the load speed as wordpress tends to load very slow with most web hosting servers since they are not optimized for wordpress.

When it comes to web hosting, this is an area where you can’t just take your web design company‘s word for it.  Instead, you need to go and test the speed of the site on PCs, laptops, Androids, and iPhones and make sure it loads good on any connection.  Also test it from different hot spots and internet connections.

The most important thing for your website is load speed and availability.  If your website is constantly offline, then you will lose rankings, web visitors, and ultimately customers.

Another aspect to look at when building your website is the security of the hosting account. Not all hosting companies and servers are the same when it comes to security. While it is very difficult to determine the security of your hosting account, it is something you should be aware of and do the best you can to select a company who is concerned with security.

Shared hosting versus Dedicated hosting:

With dedicated hosting, you will pay more for the hosting but it will perform better and be more secure for your website. The tradeoff is a little bit of price difference.

At Riverfront Media Group, what we decided to do was to offer dedicated hosting at shared pricing by having our own dedicated servers for our clients, and load balance them so they perform at a very high level, have the best security in place, and are affordable since we are able to host several client websites on the same servers.

So you get the best of both worlds without sacrificing quality or security.  You can contact us on our web hosting page for more information on our high quality, high security web hosting.