Small Business Blogging… Is it Worth It?

Should your small business website include a blog? The answer depends on who you ask. Here are some benefits of having a blog you may not have thought about, which can help you make a decision if it is worth the time and/or the effort.

Having a blog can make your business appear current on the web. To better explain that, ask yourself if you have seen a website with an outdated appearance that has a copyright date of several years ago? That is obviously an outdated website and it makes a business look unprofessional.

Taking that one step further, if there are two similar websites, but one just has some information that likely has not changed in years, and the other has a blog that is regularly updated, then the customers and potential customers can read a lot more about the business.

Having a blog is a wonderful way for people to learn more about your business, about you, and to connect a little more deeply than just reading a 3 sentence “about us” page on your website. This is one primary reason a blog can help your business.

The next reason to have a small business blog is because you would be amazed how many more people find your business simply because you have more content on it than everyone else in your industry. For example, the industry of web design, online marketing, digital products, SEO, all the things we market, is notorious for being so busy with client work that our own websites suffer badly from neglect.

This is why we have started a blog ourselves to not only engage more with our audience, but to get more traffic to our website from a larger audience around the web since we are global. Even if you are in a business that serves customers in one small town, just having more content on your website will naturally be rewarded by search engines.

In the age of content marketing we live in now, it is super important to be thorough with all your product and service offerings on your website, but it also helps quite a bit to regularly update a blog with new ideas, new content, and allow your readers to learn more about you.

Riverfront Media Group, Inc. has started to do a lot of content marketing and creation for clients and are happy to help and discuss this area of marketing for your small business. While writing for businesses of all sizes, we have learned that most businesses are missing opportunities somewhere simply by having very little website content.

The last reason to have a lot of content on your website is it just looks like you are more successful than the competition who rarely updates their website. Nobody likes to come to a website that looks 10 years old. Even just a few paragraphs a week goes a long way to giving a fresh appearance and demonstrating your business is modern.

For information about small business blogging done for you, contact Riverfront Media Group.