The Importance of Call Tracking on ALL Advertising Spending

The question we are asked most often by local businesses is how to know if what they are doing is working.  We have had business owners actually tell us they keep spending as much as $1000 every month with the yellow pages because they are afraid to cancel it since it might be working.

This approach may have worked out ok years ago, but with technology today, there is no reason to spend any money on advertising without tracking the results.  While we may have started out as a web design company, we quickly transitioned into software which would track and analyze what was working with your website, and with all other types of marketing.

Our call tracking and analytic software platform is second to none, and will provide you not only with valuable insight to your business, but demonstrate what is working well, what is not working, and what you can improve and tweak.

In my opinion, every month you should look at the results of anything you are doing, whether it is content marketing, reputation marketing, video marketing, Google adwords PPC marketing, billboard advertising, or anything else.

Having a measurable campaign is the only way to determine your return on investment, and I can never figure out why businesses are not tracking the performance of every campaign.

Whenever you purchase traffic, such as Facebook or Google ads, it is crucial that you have a call tracking number setup on your campaigns, as well as a detailed software that shows you exact keywords searched when you received the phone calls, which will really allow you to build SEO campaigns later if you choose.  At the very least, you will have great insight on where to put your resources based on what people are searching.

Hopefully this message has helped you understand the importance of tracking and measuring the results of everything you do.  If you don’t, you will always wonder if what you are spending works.  Worse, you will not know what is working and be able to throw more gas on that fire and generate even more business.

Whenever you purchase marketing services from digital marketing agencies around Cincinnati, make sure to ask them how they plan to track the performance and measure the results, down to exactly how many phone calls and what keywords generated those phone calls.

If you cannot receive this information, the campaign will not be as effective as it could be.

For more information about our proprietary call tracking platform that can measure, track, and report on any advertising you do, contact us on our call tracking software page.